Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sign ups on web site

I get to be an administrator on a Drum Building discussion forum called DrumShed.

We started getting spammer attacks about a year ago. So I installed some changes. To sign up, you must fill in a box about “why do you want to join a DRUM forum?” And all new sign ups, automatically go into a moderation queue. That means that I or one of the other administrators or moderators has to review their sign up information before we OK them. By requiring the text box, the person has to type in something meaningful. All the spam-bots put in a web URL. A few days ago, I started keeping track of some of the more amusing signups. Here are some real usernames, their email and their URL. And some of my comments about this mess.

Looks real. Must be a congress man signing up. And look at that email address. Oh, yes, this must be very important. Goldwarez sounds so close to Goldwater. But then we get to the URL from the text box and find freebiehost and a freaking map??? Deleted.

Looks like Krzamenov from Russia would like to join the drum building community. Yep, even an attempt at a USA name, Jane “Dark”. How secretive! How foreign! How intriguing! Oh, look at the URL. Another drug pusher from Russia wanting to sell us Tramadol! I probably need some tramadol from deleting this crap. Zap.

alberto revolt
Alberto Revolt. Right. Is that you Fidel?!?! Come on, I’m hung over and you are pulling this “workers of the world unite crap on me!” Whoa, dude, that email. How can you even remember shfdgsjhfd?? Guess you either put that in after one tequila too many, OR you did that to keep you from attempting to email the president of the USA after that one-too-many rum drinks. Oh, got to love that URL. Freebie Revolting web site….. Placed into a Gulag.

OK, we have a BUSMANAS signing up. Bush-man? Manna from heaven? What the hey is this? Oh, I need a new car loan from merrychristmas. Like we are supposed to take out a car loan from some loan shark in Turkey….. Sent to the dumpster

FreerHurb. No idea. Free Hurl came to mind. Headoff? Oh, another radical wanting to behead some drummers on a web forum…. Hacked into little bits…

My Rendy Tew? Hey! You must be like a supermodel or something with that name! Oh, another XSECURITY.ORG email. Yeah, that is all official. We all need more security post 9/11. But then we note the URL of amyclark and sex…… Deleted.

Avtomirs. No clue. Anna Junior? Like Junior Bra size? What is Junior about Anna? Auto-Union. Um, no, they formed pre-WWII in Germany and under Hitler, were a force in auto-racing. We know them as AUDI now…. Bump-drafted into the tire barrier.

This idiot has tried about 14 times to get me to download photoshop. Sorry, already have a BOUGHT AND PAID for copy. Get a life.

EngemZet? Someone needs an enema? Someone needs energized? Another AnneT Dark email. Hey, I wasn’t fooled the first time. Another offer of free movies. Place your bets if you think we are talking about Disney flicks…. Downed in a blaze.

This one just cracked me up. Flowermyface!!! I think it was this chick. But we need to go pass her bored quiz first…. Hacheted.

Heams Heve? Dry Heaves? What? And another dizzy JUNIOR. Oh, I see, more Disney flicks for sale…. terminated

Roomociashili. Sounds like either a dinning room at some exotic resort, or some dried beans dish. Roomo Ciashilli, spreadable on dry white toast… Patrick likes to think he’s a cowboy (Tex) when sending this crap. No clue what that URL would head to. Don’t plan to find out. Deleted.

TIPOKOTPU!! Sounds like something the guy in the next toilet passed after 5 shots of tequila, a can of refried beans and some corn chips. Oh, but Rober Yandex sent it to us and it looks from the URL to be a City Roasta BQ. BBQ maybe. Only a malpractice lawyer slime ball would be sending this one out…. Killed

Lois Camponen. Sounds real. Even has a half way decent email. If you are into 300 pound hairy backed Russians doing sex acts to them selves. With pills to stimulate them! What fun this must be…. Please….

Mmodaaaily. Moo daily. Adam Swift is into MOO cows. He needs to team up with PatrickTex and talk about who has the best man-boobs. Stuffed into a warm cow-pie.

What is a VYTBusoma? Russian form of Bite Busoma? Soma the drug? Oh, I see. A web site selling salvage parts off either Lexus , Dawoos, or Camry’s. Clear as mud. Deleted.

This one is classic. I love it. Relax Now! Yes, Ummmm, we are all one…Ummm… And a relax Christmas Gift just for you! How sweet. Give Big Boobs for Christmas for your man to relax with. I should have let this one through, just to see what crap they post on our site. Deflated.

Our friendly neighbors the Klingons sent this one. HYGTHYHUJD is Klingon for “I wish to have sex portals with your golf clubs” Stuck in the sand trap….

IBranofich. Sounds like some new product. Brano Fish will clean your constipation! Or is this a blogge! Trashed.

Jaha Buth Jed. Hello, calling George Lucas! Got your next name for a replacement for Jar-Jar Binks…. Whoops, it’s another “you need a friend” site… Toilet flushed.

Nathan Ialalgkh from Uranus wants to join. By Nathan.

I sent this one up to Rapper-Central. The Pbqimmpz is gonna be a star. Dvoidmusic? Devoid of what? Good taste? Tossed out with the Disco records.

Another attempt by Pimy Gacasa (GAA CASA?!?) to get us all excited about Porsche, Acuras and Hondas. Sent to the Oil recycling tank

Ronald Astens wants to sell us drugs. I sent this to the DEA.

I have no idea what a sel l old malk cle ak is. Maybe they will inform us. Flushed

TWUYGIIC is a new reggae artist in Jamaica-mon. Drowned in his own vomit.

Say What? Vega. Failed Chevy car. Vega Technologies. US? There is technologies still researching Vegas? I thought most of these have been converted into Toyotas by now. This sign up was converted to a soda can....

CONTROL LIST. Patrick Junior is still trying to sell us crap. This is a parental control for all these nasty blogs so little Junior doesn’t read this crap.

Deja VYZZ? Deja Fizz? Public Invasion? Damn Klingon’s again. Set phasers on kill.

JOKES. And just in case you missed it, FUnnnnnnn!!!! I laughed hard when I hit “Delete”

Kohanen is a 12 year old future terrorist. Obama has him attempting to hack into the Pentagon.

Taw Pho Do Thild is from North Korea and wants to sell sex movies of polar bears making more polar bears. Flusher-roo!!!

Usernames listings? For warehouses? I drive by some everyday. I had no idea they could sign up for a Warehouse dating service! Must be how we get Self Storage buildings. Locked up

Marfa Texas is famous for their UFO lights, for being in the movie Giant.
This mess has something to do with pills, delty, dumps, I don’t know. BY!

Sype Slaky. Slap sticky. Hype Slack. And this must be important, what with an admin at a …..squid mail? What the Hey is a squid mail? DING! Squid, You’ve got Mail!. Hotels in Bangkok??? Best hotels in America are being advertised by some squid talking about Banging Kok? Torn off with the “Sanitized” ribbon.

Free K, as in $1000.00?? Free K Attack? Wait, not what it said. Meta PING! Coom Ah Alig. I think I sang that around the campfire once. Torched in the campfire of life.

Let’s not even post the email "at" signs that have spammed us so much, I've permanently banned them.....

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