Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Frustrating day

It started on Monday. Our internet router, just died. Called up the provider and they 2-day the new router to use.
I connect to the very weak and unsecured connection at our neighbors. The downside is that I can't connect to work over an unsecured connection.
So today is Wednesday. I'd hoped to work from home, but with out a connection, couldn't do. So I go in. I then spend two frustrating hours attempting to connect. They pushed out some new logon script and it hung up my machine. I couldn't connect at all. I called up the help desk, they open a ticket and tell me I'm not alone and that I should try connecting, at work, over the Wi-Fi. I try that and that won't connect either. I call them back and he finds out that my machine wasn't set up to connect to the firewall, wireless, at work! He tells me to just connect to the internet and open a security request.....and. I heard the light bulb light up when he realised that without a connection, I couldn't connect to open the wireless connection request!!
I told the boss I was heading home. At least I'd had my email at home!

Thankfully, the router showed up and I was able to reconnect.

Friday, December 18, 2009

An Al Bundy moment

Yesterday we had an Al Bundy moment.

I’ve been working from home all week taking an online IBM class. The wife took the kid to high school yesterday. When she arrived back home she mentioned stopping at the local Star Bucks and talking with one of the ministers from our church. I waited for her to finish.

“Where’s my star yucks?” I asked.

“You don’t like Star Bucks” wife responded.

“True. I find it bitter and over priced” I said.
Followed by my Al Bundy moment.

“Just like marriage” I said.

The couch was surprisingly comfortable.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Up-selling idiots

My eleven year old Ford truck got recalled along with a lot of Fords. The issue is that a cruise control valve can leak some brake fluid and with a spark, have a fire. Ford solution is a fuse-link, which will trip/burn/blow if the short happens. You'd loose your cruise control, but not burn up the car/truck. So I called a local dealer, check the parts are in and they can fix it. They were just great to deal with. I dropped off the truck and they gave me a ride home. A few hours later, they called with the "up sale". What a load. They think we are all idiots. In their attempt to sell me something, they showed that they are the idiots.
My truck has a K&N air filter on it. These are a cotton fabric in a mesh. You CLEAN them about once a year. You spray on their cleaner, wait a bit, gently brush off the gunk, repeat if needed. Once clean, you rinse with some warm water and set it in the sun for a time to dry. You then apply some of their oil to the cotton and put it back in. I even have a big STOP sticker on the air cleaner housing, which states that it is a cleanable filter.
Ford thought it was dirty and needed REPLACED.
Um, now, they always LOOK a bit dirty, when they are doing their job and catching dirt in the reddish oil.
I guess they couldn't read the big sticker saying DO NOT THROW AWAY.
So they then decided to tell me how the connectors for the Air to Air inter cooler (my truck is a turbo diesel, after the intake air is compressed, which heats it, they pass it through a radiator to cool it) were oily and needed replaced. I just said "NO". Seems they didn't think: 1) 1999 (but 11 years old), truck. 2) Diesel 3) Oil leaks after 175000 miles. 4) the Connectors are not the CAUSE of the oil, especially when all that is passing through them is AIR.
They think all customers must be idiots.