Sunday, June 15, 2008

Granny was out caseing the neighborhood

I was out Saturday morning trying to wash our cars. We live at the end of a dead end street with no good way to turn around, except in a driveway. So I had moved my truck to our second driveway, so it was in the shade, as it is already broiling here in north Texas. I noticed a 1990's red Dodge van slowly driving down our street. Inside, was an elderly lady driving and someone else in the passenger seat. They were driving real slow and pointing at different houses. The noticed me watching them, turned around and left the street. I think granny was noting which houses to burgle.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chiggers! Everyone’s favorite pets

My daughter and I, along with daughter’s friend and dad, went out to a school park. It is called LISDOLA, for Lewisville Independent School District, Outdoor Learning Area. Better known as Chigger Alley! We got really bit up last year out there, so we sprayed down with OFF, 40 percent DEET etc. Except I didn’t treat my shoes or feet very well. So, I got about 30 chigger bites between the two feet. Considering we were out there for four hours, that really wasn’t too bad. We were setting up a permanent Orienteering course. We set post into the ground at various land features. Those would be path junctions, old fence post, erosion ditches, knolls, old man-made objects (think junk-in-the-woods).
Below are my feet.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don’t eat Donnie’s nuts

I play in a band and we practice on Monday nights. The bass player also works in an office with my wife. She called me up and cautioned me that if he shows up with nuts, I wasn’t to eat them. OK…. This was either WAY too much information, or there needed to be further explanation. Donnie has some interesting ideas about food. Like, he has my wife buy him salted Bar mix (pretzels, nuts, crackers in a mix), which he eats for breakfast.

There was a can of some sort of nuts that got put up on a top shelf in their kitchen at work and forgotten about. They don’t remember how long it had been there. One of their other co-workers saw it and got it down. When it was opened, there wasn’t the standard “ffFFTTTT” as the vacuum was broken to the nuts. Co-worker looked at the can and realized that when they’d opened the case box at the store, they had nicked this can and cut into it. He tried a nut and declared it “rancid”.
Donnie took it home, telling my wife that he would take it to band practice and feed the nuts to us. He didn’t, but probably only because we’d been warned. He did say he was going to feed his nuts to all the beer drinkers that hang out at his place.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Who touched my sack!!!???

I bring a lunch in to work almost every day. It isn't anything fancy at all. It's a used plastic grocery sack (Paper or Plastic?). In it, I have a microwave lunch, a vanilla yogurt and maybe a Pop Tart. I tie the bag handles together so nothing spills out. So today I head it to retrieve my sack, zap my lunch, etc. I find the contents of the sack, but no sack! Someone stole a plastic grocery sack? I just hope that whoever man-handled my sack, was one that at least washes their hands.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Last nights evening news had a real mess on it! I posted yesterday about the roaring winds we are having in Texas. 29 MPH sustained and up to 60 MPH gust. So over in a park in Fort Worth, they had some softball game. Some ID10T's then decide to GO AHEAD with their FIREWORKS show. Can you saw GRASS FIRE. I knew you could. It was all over the news how they had to evacuate the park, how it was out of control, three alarms. I hope they bill the event coordinators for putting on a fire works show in such winds.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spring time......

For Hitler and Germany...
And the winds here in North Texas, are roaring. I mean, sustained at 25 MPH and gusting to 50. They are out of the south, bringing in 95 degrees also. Our fence is still standing, only because it runs North to South. It would be laying on the ground if anything over 25 MPH hits it from east or west.
Our trashcan lids were blown into some underbrush this morning also. I put them in the garage, or they would be in Kansas by tonight.
Walking last night, I was needing to lean into the wind on a few exposed hills. And I had to put in both ear-buds and still had more wind roar than music!