Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We are such geeks

I'm taking a class at work. My old Dell laptop, which is up for replacement in four more months, doesn't have enough horse-power to run the labs in the class. I emailed my boss. He told me to come get one of the new laptops. We'd then reformat my old one and hand-it-down to the next contractor. So in the middle of the class, I'm dashing back and forth working on copying over all data and applications from my old laptop to the new one. Missing the labs in the class, but oh well. Tonight, I brought home both laptops and fired them up next to each other. There were still a few files to copy, IE Favorites, emails and such.
I took the above photo of our table with side-by-side laptops, flash drives, IPODS charging.
I then took a photo of four feet away, where the home PC is, the wifes work PC also.
I didn't both to then turn around and take ANOTHER photo of another desktop and old laptop we rarely use. I didn't take a photo of the college daughters room either. With her desktop in it. Which she hardly uses since she got a new MacBook for school.
All told, four laptops and three desktops.

And yes, I use my drummers Roc-N-Soc chair to sit in.