Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Las Vegas bathrooms

The bathroom at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas was a bit different than the normal places we stay at. It was very nice, but still different.

Case in points.

The bathroom had a tub, two sinks, a stall shower and a separate room for the toilet. In that room was a telephone. I figure that was so you could ring down to the casino cashier and check your winnings. Or call the spa for your afternoon make-over. Or call down to one of the bars and order up someone……….

Next case in point was the shower soap. It had bits of something in it. I tried to figure it out, but never really did. It could have been coconut husk bits. But the soap had no scent to it at all. Perhaps when Grandma was making up that batch of soap she forgot to strain out the bacon bits from the grease. Or the last option was that Tyler Durden made it. You don’t want to think about what those bits of fuzz were.

And the last point was a High Definition TV attached to the wall by the sinks. Dangerous with a razor in your hand and The View on. I wonder how many men have turned that HDTV on while shaving and then were found dead when the maid came by.

Maybe the maids should check twice a day. Once after "The View" and again after Oprah

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