Sunday, January 3, 2010


I walk about three miles, six days a week. Today, I decided to head out to a hiking trail and get a change of view. I usually do our city trails, which winds along under some major power lines, next to soccer fields and such.
So I headed out the Denton County, Old Alton Bridge. You can park there and there is a 2 mile, each way, hiking trail. Off I went. Took me 55 minutes. I jogged some heading back. Some of the trail was thick mud and some water to miss. What was strange was the trail then dead ended into a new major highway they are building in the area.
When I got back to Old Alton, I yelled for the ghost to show himself. The fishermen were not amused. I looked around as another trail is supposed to head south, toward our home. I didn't find it and was loosing daylight. I got in the truck and looped around the lake to where I know the south end of the trail was. It was too dark by then.
Checking the USFS maps, I'm glad I didn't attempt it! They are about eight miles from the Old Alton bridge, to where the park would be! That is a day hike, not the hour I had!

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