Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don’t eat Donnie’s nuts

I play in a band and we practice on Monday nights. The bass player also works in an office with my wife. She called me up and cautioned me that if he shows up with nuts, I wasn’t to eat them. OK…. This was either WAY too much information, or there needed to be further explanation. Donnie has some interesting ideas about food. Like, he has my wife buy him salted Bar mix (pretzels, nuts, crackers in a mix), which he eats for breakfast.

There was a can of some sort of nuts that got put up on a top shelf in their kitchen at work and forgotten about. They don’t remember how long it had been there. One of their other co-workers saw it and got it down. When it was opened, there wasn’t the standard “ffFFTTTT” as the vacuum was broken to the nuts. Co-worker looked at the can and realized that when they’d opened the case box at the store, they had nicked this can and cut into it. He tried a nut and declared it “rancid”.
Donnie took it home, telling my wife that he would take it to band practice and feed the nuts to us. He didn’t, but probably only because we’d been warned. He did say he was going to feed his nuts to all the beer drinkers that hang out at his place.

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