Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chiggers! Everyone’s favorite pets

My daughter and I, along with daughter’s friend and dad, went out to a school park. It is called LISDOLA, for Lewisville Independent School District, Outdoor Learning Area. Better known as Chigger Alley! We got really bit up last year out there, so we sprayed down with OFF, 40 percent DEET etc. Except I didn’t treat my shoes or feet very well. So, I got about 30 chigger bites between the two feet. Considering we were out there for four hours, that really wasn’t too bad. We were setting up a permanent Orienteering course. We set post into the ground at various land features. Those would be path junctions, old fence post, erosion ditches, knolls, old man-made objects (think junk-in-the-woods).
Below are my feet.

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