Monday, November 17, 2008

Broken glass everywhere

What a whirl wind week was the past one! Two more physical therapy sessions, a cancelled doctor follow up. Wednesday evening, 10 PM, phone call from oldest daughter. She was very upset, in tears. She was getting off work and went out to find her rear side window was busted out and her book bag was stolen. They broke the rear window, got in, and took the bag from the front passenger side floorboard. Seemed like a lot of effort! I guess they thought they were getting a free laptop computer. What they got was her bag, the schools Speech text book, her notes, and nothing else. We filed a police report. The next day I called the insurance, but it is below our deductible. They scheduled us a great company, SafeLite, to come out and replace the window. He came out Friday afternoon and replaced the glass in a little over an hours time.

The wife and I had mentioned to daughter, to use her trunk to lock up stuff. Hope she understands this now!

But faith in humanity was also restored later on Friday. I got a phone call from a guy who saw the stolen text book laying in the street by the shopping area where it happened. He got on the phone and he and I met to see if they hadn't tossed the rest of it out at the same place. No luck, her note book and bag must have been tossed someplace else. I checked all the stores trash dumpsters, but never found it.

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Schweers' Mom said...

Well that just stinks! But I guess it could have been worse.