Friday, November 7, 2008

Kids and the Elections

Tuesday was the national elections. Tuesday is also football night for our middle school kid. She does cheer leading. So they had gotten home about 9 PM. About 9:45, her cell phone rang and one of the other cheer leaders informed her that the nation had a new president, President Obama. My daughter informed me of this, even though I was laying on the floor, with the TV on, doing my back exercises.
Here is the conversation we had (most of it).

Her: "Dad! My friend says that the President is now Obama!"

Me: "well...not quite. He is what is called the President Elect"

Her: "what? My friend just said..."

Me: "Right. There are now enough states reporting their results, that the media can project that Obama will be elected"

Her: "so....he's president.... And moves into the White House tomorrow..."

Me: "Not yet. He is elected to become President. It doesn't take effect until January"

Her: "So. That must give President and Mrs Bush time to pack up their stuff and dishes and all......"

Me: (choking back laughter) "Um...Right. It allows for the orderly transition of our government. See, Obama now must pick some advisers and such"

Her: "And meantime, the Bushes pack"

(Understand that we have not moved, so she has no idea of the work. She had a good friend just move to Arkansas, and saw them packing up their stuff for several weeks)

Me: "Well, the Bushes are rich. Any president is. The government has special people who will pack up the Bushes personal stuff from the White House and move it here to Highland Park"

Her: "That makes sense. So the Bushes don't drop the china and stuff"

Me: "right. Let's work on going to sleep now....."

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Schweers' Mom said...

Too funny!

And to think, there was no hate comments about your picture of Obama??? What is this world coming to??