Monday, February 23, 2009

Trinity Forest Hike

The Trinity Forest project in Dallas, hosted a hike this past weekend. This was the third one I'd been on at the forest. It is amazing, that from the parking lot, you can see the high rise towers of downtown Dallas, but three minutes later, you are in some old growth forest. This year, they moved the hike. We'd been on one trail the last two years, with some massive trees on the route. This year, they switched us. Two of the trees we navigated to, were the same as before, just from different approach ways. They had the path way very well marked with streamers and survey flags. We still got sort of lost. The map is not what orienteers from NTOA are used to. They also had taped routes to some of the sights, where no offical path existed.
The weather was something else! I left the house at 7:45 for the paper. It was 54 degrees, but the wind had shifted to the north. I left the house at 8:15 and it was about 48 degrees. I got to the Trinity, and it was about 44 and about a 40 MPH north wind! It was COLD! Once we took the mass start at 10 AM, it was very nice in the forest. But I did wear two sport type shirts, and my cap.

If you click on the photo's, you see them blown up.
Click on the last one, and you will notice a small orange and white box looking thing hanging from the tree. Those are the control bags. The thing you have to spot in the woods. Fast orienteers spot them while on the jog or full run. That one in the photo, is a smaller version of what we normal have to spot.

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