Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where did all the soda's go?

Our eldest daughter turned 18 last Friday the 13Th. She wanted some friends over for pizza and cake. Friends turned into about seven or eight teen aged boys and about four of her girlfriends. We have two teen aged daughters. The oldest drinks Leaded Dr. Pepper, but only maybe one a day. The youngest, likes IBC Root Beer, Creame Soda and Ginger Ale. Eldest requested the pizza, some Coke, Mountain Dew and what ever other drinks we already had in the "drinks" refrigerator. About 11 minutes after the arrival of the boys, all the Mountain Dew's were consumed, half the Creame Soda and root beers were gone and even some of the Ginger Ale. By 10 PM, there were nothing but empties.
The wife and I went grocery shopping the next day. We had to get an extra shopping cart, just for the drinks! There was only about 1 creame soda's left, 2 root beers and I think all the ginger ale was toast.
They were all great kids and had fun.

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