Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Trek

The wife and I and some of her old college friends met at the movie theater for opening night of the new Star Trek. I’ll start with it was a FUN movie. Decent effects, decent plot, funny bits, some great casting. We didn’t even realize it was Winona Ryder until after she’d been in the movie for 15 minutes.

However, here are some visuals about the movie and some thoughts on it.

The plot

Simon Pegg will always bring to mind, SHAUN OF THE DEAD. Actually, he was near perfect pick for his part.

There was an Ice Planet. Just like the rebel base in one of the Star Wars movies.

But it looks like this now.

At least the Trek Ice planet had a big red monster and not an abdominal snowman, like an original Star Trek did.

The bad guys space ship

Reminded me of this

Nero the bad guy

reminded me of this guy

They also have a new high-tech dental drill, which is used to distroy the Golden Gate Bridge, among other things.

And you must always have “Kirks Babe of the day”. Which is done to remind us of Bond, James Bond.