Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Uber Ghetto Redneck

We have had a very interesting start to the New Year, 2009. The wife has been battling not one, but now two root canals to her teeth. That was how I spent the second day of the year, waiting to drive her home from the first root canal. On the first Saturday of the year, the temperature here in north Texas, was a record tying 84 degrees. I did our three mile walk in shorts and a T-shirt. Saturday night another cold front blew through. By Sunday church time, it was 40 degrees and the wind was 25 MPH and gusting to 40. I walked in long pants, T-shirt, sweater and coat on Sunday. By Monday morning, it was raining and still dropping. By the time I got to work, it was starting to ice up.

I got home about 3:30, as I would need to pick up a daughter at school, since the wife had the root canal scheduled. I went to check our mail box and the door to our plastic mailbox was iced up and sort of on crooked. I went to open it and it fell off, hit the pavement, and broke!

Later that night, the wife and I were returning in the dark, icy evening from getting some groceries. I suddenly remembered that our neighbors had a broken mailbox. Their wood mounting pole had rotted. They had the box replaced by someone and the old box had been lying on the ground for several weeks. The trash men must not recognize it as trash. After parking in the garage, I mention said broken mail box to the wife. She said, “Hey, it has just been lying there….” So I head out the door, into the icy night, retrieving the broken mailbox. I drug the old mailbox into our living room and was heading out the back door, trailing icicles, leaves and dead grass.

My wife commented “Uber Redneck”. I think she meant to insult me.

I said, “More Uber Ghetto I think”.

Hence, we shall have Uber Ghetto Redneck mailbox.

Our old one had been painted by our Uber-talented artist daughter. Maybe she will paint this one also.


Lisa said...

Hi, Ray! I found your blog entry on your "fun" weekend orienteering at lake Texoma. It's a great story -- can I use it in the upcoming NTOA newsletter?

Lisa Carr

Ray Janes said...

sure. I just updated it a bit. One word was incorrect (you should have been your). And added a sentence. Feel free to use it.