Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fraternity hazing in history

I finally figured out what this King Tut deal is all about. I got all confused and thought it was Steve Martin out doing his famous King Tut routine.

Wikipedia has a write up on King Tut, and there is a lot of ideas on how the boy-king died. He died at 19. He might have had a head injury, or broken ribs from falling out of his chariot, or a badly broken leg and gangrene. They all missed it. He was 19. He was a swinging rich kid. He got way drunk at a fraternity initiation ritual. He then decided to take dads wheels (chariot) out for a drive, fell out of it, got all busted up, drank the rest of the keg dry and died of alcohol poisoning.

So the wife and sister actually went to a historical display for a frat party gone wrong. You don’t read about this, because they hushed it up.

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Schweers' Mom said...


After we went to see it, Craig and were telling Grayson about Steve Martin's version of King Tut. We have it on one of our SNL DVDs. We thought it was so funny that there was a traveling show of it in the 70's and that he made fun of all the gift shop kitsch that went with it. Grayson loved it - especially since he saw in person how at the end of the exhibit you are dumped right into - where else? the gift shop! Some things never change!