Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Urine Sample time

In the last two weeks, I've become an expert in modern urine sampling.
The first sample, was actually at my doctors office. It was my yearly physical. They check your weight (up), height (I'm not shrinking yet), then urine. In his office, they hand you the cup and you fill it, put it into this miniature medicine box and leave. I think they check it and figure out how much money they have for running more expensive test. I thought it was a bit odd, as I had to first report to a laboratory for my blood draw. We'd assumed the urine test would be there. Nope. The insurance wanted the blood at their lab, but the urine test at the doctors was OK. Go figure it out.
Today's sample was a pre-employment one. A LOT more "formal". I had to empty my pockets into a lock box. Put that key, and only that key, into my pocket. Rinse, but no soap, on my hands and dry. Go in and "fill 'er up". But do NOT flush, or the sample is over for 24 hours. Return the cup to the nurse, who marks it and did something and THEN told me to take the rest, and flush it. I then got to wash my hands, with soap. And then initial and date my "sample". Watch her put it into the mail thing. Then, retrieve my junk and head home to await the results.

Now for the strange part. I walked into the place. There were three of us. The nurse and one other victim. Except, we know each other! She was in for some pre-op testing.


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