Friday, March 27, 2009

This soon will pass...I hope

I officially started my new job this past Monday. Same job, same company even, just I am now employed instead of an hourly contractor. They did seven in my area. We are all frustrated by the "old to new" that we are going through.
I should have a new email. Except they have not told us HOW to log onto it. They don't copy over all our security and programs at one shot. So we wind up trying to see if something works, and then chasing around to find the right person to turn it on.
Toss in studying up on new benefits. I've decided what to sign up for, but have not done it yet. I think I have the logon id and password for that!!
On my main job, I just wandered down the hall as I know the technical support person for the security product. He sort of waved a magic wand and set my old ID's up, to be employee ID's. Three less logons and passwords to monkey with. He went one step farther and set up just ONE logon across all three major machines. I used to have a different one for each. I spent about two days, copying from my now "old" logons to my new ones. But this will be very goodness!! Only one Logon and one password to deal with! He smiled and told me "if they hand you a new logon, thank them....then run down here and I'll do some more magic and you won't have to deal with any other logons or passwords".

Now, if I can just figure out how to get into my "new" email!!!

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