Thursday, April 2, 2009

You want to drill a hole in my WHAT!

So the pain and swelling in my toe got to be too much. I presented myself to a podiatrist. He took two X-Rays looking for any fractures, and then decided to bore a hole into my toe nail. I didn't watch. It hurt for the 10 minutes he spent expressing out the blood, clear fluid, milky fluid, blood, dark blood, clear fluid...
He took another X-Ray, looking for any other issues. My left foot has quite a few. The main toe knuckle is "flattening". Probably due to the axe that went into that joint when I was 14. The toe also has a spiky thing, making the toe hurt that much more. There is the inner edge of the nail, that was removed 30 years ago.
It continued to weep fluid until bed time last night. But, it feels much better.
I get to go back in two weeks and we see if he needs to remove the nail.

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