Friday, September 19, 2008


While home one day, I caught some of the 1990 film Arachnophobia.   One of the words used in there is "desiccation".   After the camera guy dies from the first spider bite, they ship his body home, and the spider takes a ride.  And so we have the story of a small American town, with people dropping dead from spider bites.  John Goodman turned in a funny performance.   When they open up the coffin from South America, the guy is "desiccated".   Meaning all dried out.

I got my MRI report on my back.  It's two pages long.  One herniated disk.  Two more exhibit "desiccation".  I'm a car guy.  Translation:  Two of the shock absorbers (Disk), lost all their fluid and are worthless.  There is a bunch of other stuff that I figured I'd let the doctor explain to me.  Thecal sac, Degenerative Facets, decreased disk height (That one's easy), extrusion, fragments, encroachment on nerve root sleeves, lateral recess.......

My wife had back surgery nine years back.  I'm going to see the same neurosurgeon. 

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