Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Paul? Is that you?

One of my many self imposed “get done” chores for Labor Day, was to touch up the paint on our daughters 1999 Corolla. I had sanded down the rusty spots, and roughed up the primer that was showing. I then just used some touch up paint on all the chips and peeling paint. On Monday morning, I decided to get the buffer out and polish out the touch up. Her car was parked under a tree, so I had shade. I got out an electrical cord and the buffer and the polish compound. I decided to use the garden hose from the front of the house. You need some water on the paint and the buffer pad, to make the compound work. I went and turned on the hose in the front and turned around to walk back to the car. That was when I noticed green movement by the back door handle of the car. Paul was back! Paul is a praying mantis. He was watching me. He has been hanging out in our front bushes for a year or two. Since I never see other mantis, maybe Paul is really Paulette. I don’t want to pry.
I’m glad our cats were asleep on the back porch. They would have died of a heart attack when the got a sight of a four inch long praying mantis. After I took Paul’s picture, I took the camera back inside. When I returned, Paul was gone again. These suckers do fly!

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