Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Curbs, potholes and sidewalks !!! OH MY!!!

Tonight's local news had a story about Dallas county trying to get their streets fixed on a very limited budget. The news reporter was standing in a poor side of town and noting that they had pot holes, no shoulders, no curbs and little drainage. My wife and I were laughing. We bought here when this was a middle class neighborhood, with a few upper middle class homes. In 1986, our dead-end street, had little drainage, no curbs, and pot holes in the dirt street. No pavement. The city paved it the next year. And in the last 22 years, they have paved it twice total. No curbs. No sidewalks. They have never cleaned out the silted in drainage, which is just a ditch. Oh well. We like it.

And this is now an upper middle class neighborhood, but not gated.

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Schweers' Mom said...

Hey Ray! Reagan is THRILLED you got his drum finished. Wow!!! Let us know when you get home and we'll come get it and pay you. You can email me txpaladin at gmail dot com.