Monday, September 22, 2008

Are we really that dumb?

Our youngest daughter is on the eight grade cheer leading team. She went to a cheer camp over the summer, where they taught them the basics. While there, they were doing the normal sales pitches and fund raising. They were selling hot sauce. My wife tried it and liked it. That is saying a lot, as she doesn't "do" hot spicy foods much. I prefer Pace Medium Picante. Not runny, sticks on your chips and in your taco's, doesn't run out of your flour tortilla. Anyway, we finally opened the jar this week. I get to reading the label and find something that makes zero sense.
On the bottom of the label, it says "Open Before Use". What? What idiot called up their help line, 10,438 times, complaining that they were not enjoying the hot sauce. Only because they were too stupid to OPEN THE FREAKING JAR!!!!

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