Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is this a sign of getting old?

A week ago, I only had the big vitamin bottle, the small baby aspirin bottle and a Lipator bottle. What happened to cause this?
I've had that bad back for 30 years now. This week, I got up in total agony on Monday. It was all I could do to get my shoes on and tied. I gave up and stayed home. Been home on heating pads, and multiple medicines, this week. I saw my doctor late Monday and he gave me some prescriptions, cut out one prescription, put me on steroids, sleeping pills, and set up an MRI on my back. This is Wednesday, day two of the steroids. My back is in less pain, but still shots of pain down my left leg to my ankle. Tomorrow, is MRI day. They did that to give the steroids 48 hours to attempt to knock out some of the swelling.
My last MRI was about 15 years back. I seem to remember some lower back disc was "50 percent degenerated" then. I'm holding my breath this time.
I'm already ticked off. We were going to the high school football game this Friday, I was to go Orienteering on Saturday and then a car cruise Saturday evening. Looks like all or most of that, is off for me now.

Now, I just have a bunch of medicines to try and remember to take at the right time.

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Schweers' Mom said...

Sorry about your back. Yikes. Hope the MRI went well. When do you get the results??