Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chupucabra – the Goat Sucker of Texas in our back yard?

I should submit this grainy photograph to the local news and let them flood the AP news lines with it. Recently, there was a video of the famed Chupucabra, or Texas Goat Sucker, in the news. Our house seems to attract wildlife. I think it is the gallon buckets of water and dry cat food my wife insist on leaving out. We have a skunk family. We have a few armadillo’s, several possums (those are one ugly creatures…) and for the last few years, a FOX. Yes, that grainy photo isn’t a chupucabra, but a fox. Between it being 9:30 PM at night and the fox was being rather skittish; the photo didn’t come out well. I wonder if the skunks weren’t about either. The fox probably wants no part of the skunks. I didn’t use flash either, as that would have frightened it off. The fox has managed to frighten a 13 year old out for an early morning jog. He thought it was a coyote, which we also have about. Another neighbor, a hunter, breathlessly rang our doorbell one Sunday. He and his daughter had noticed the fox at the house next to ours, and watched as it went through a hole in the fence into our back yard. I think the neighbor was disappointed when I replied “Oh, yeah, the fox. He’s been around a few years. He sleeps in the bushes back there. Our cats and he seem to be friends. The crazy squirrel hates them all”.
A few weeks back, I was in our back yard trying to get some water on our bushes. That was when the temperatures were 107! I noticed Mr. Fox, trot across our back yard. He saw me, paused, and then kept going. He went under one of my trailers and then laid down to watch what I was doing. Following Mr. Fox was one of our cats. The cat made it to the shade, but not under the trailer. The cat then decided to show the fox, that if you roll around on your back, on the concrete driveway, that you get a nice scratch, maybe the human will pet you, or, better still, FEED you! The fox had a look on it’s face of “what is that cat doing?”
Maybe we should sell tickets to the zoo in our back yard.

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