Friday, August 29, 2008

Our 13 year old, taught me a new word.....

I cooked one of our thirteen year old's favorite meals last night. Chicken breast, Lipton chicken rice, and cooked carrots with brown sugar. We add barbecue sauce to the chicken.

She enjoyed it with some milk with about a cup of Nestle Quick mixed into it.

Flash forward to about 9:45 PM. She's almost ready for bed, when she headed out to the garage and the refrigerator out there. We keep drinks in it. She has ICB creame soda, root beer and Canada dry ginger ales. We tell her to drink milk and not sugar drinks at bed time. She then informs me that she needed the ginger ale to settle her stomach. Seems she had just had a burp. Except she had a new term, at least it was to me. "Dad...I need the ginger ale because I just burped and it was BABY BARF"

I started chuckling. I've not heard that term before.

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Schweers' Mom said...

ewwwww. That's way too descriptive.