Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Number Ten envelops – a new aggravation

I get home from work and tackle the mail. I do this as I’m watching the early news and changing into non-work cloths. I try and handle all mail only once. Junk mail goes straight into the trash can, which is the shredder also. Bills get reduced to just the return slip, which I then use to set up the electronic funds transfer. I shred the rest. Statements and such get stapled together for filing. Some of the junk mail solicitors seem to have started a new trend in the number ten envelops they use. Regular number tens have the fold over flap to the rear. That way, you place the stamp, return address and address on the front which has no fold on it. These new junk mail envelops, have the sealed flap on the front. I guess the mailing machine doesn’t have a problem printing the address on the front and then sealing it and running it through their automatic stamping machine. What I get annoyed at is that I’m programmed to glance at the return address to see who is sending me something, and then flip it over to tear open the flap and remove the contents. With this new junk-mail number ten, I find myself turning it over and then searching for the flap. And then turning it back over, where the flap is on the front. I might just save myself another three seconds and forget opening it. Just tear it in half and toss into the trash can.

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