Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Records! We got Records!

I've been working on setting up our new (Free) entertainment center. I set all the stereo equipment first. CD player, cassette tape player, receiver, record (as in 33 1/3 LP and 45) player. I went ahead and hooked in a Peavey sound mixer also. I used to mix in my electronic drums, so I could "play along" with songs. The mixer can be very handy, as you can run eight inputs into it, and mix as you like.
Once that was all set, then we could start placing our LP record collection back into the other cabinet and also the DVD collection. We don't have that many DVD's, and they fit nicely into one of the drawers. I placed them there and then started moving the records. The records were mostly in alphabetical order when we started a week back. But then they were all moved, twice. Once into the den, and then back into the new entertainment center. So they were quite mixed up. I'd put them into place one evening last week. When I returned from work on Friday, our eldest had moved them again! She must have decided that the antique LP’s should be hidden away. She'd moved as many as would fit, into a part of the cabinet, where they would be out of sight. She'd moved the DVD's into the glass faced cabinet so we could see the DVD's. So, all the records got moved a third time!
Sunday afternoon, it was another Texas summer afternoon. Read that, as 106 degrees! I decided to work on putting the records back in alphabetical order by artist last name, or group name (Beatles before Kansas).
It was fun to sort it out. There are some blended LP's. Most of the stuff was mine from before we were married. Think mid-1980's. There was also a fair amount of Cheryl’s records and a lot of duplication. Most of the duplication was Beatles. She still tells people, she only married me because I had a COMPLETE collection of every Beatles LP released in America. Not true, but very close. I point out, that while I had them all, she had the ORIGINALS! 1964 Beatles albums. Classic stuff.
Cheryl had some classical stuff. Barry Manilow. Bee Gees!!! Lots of Elton John.
I had some stuff, I don't even remember. Krocus? I also have Led Zeppelin, Fats Domino, BB King, Rush, Beatles, Asia, Atlanta Rhythm, Who, Rolling Stones, Heart, Huey Lewis and the News, Blues Brothers, Timbuc Three, Tom Petty, Kansas, Toto, David Gilmore, Pink Floyd.......... Three shelves worth. Probably a few hundred LP's. Not counting the 45's NOR the old 78's! Yes, got some of those from the 1920's and 1930's. And a working victrola.

We also have some Twisted Sister.


Schweers' Mom said...

I am totally jealous of the Beatles collection. However, you can keep Twisted Sister. No jealousy there, dude. I think I might have to hide that one, too.

Brent said...

Ray, not only did I have Twisted Sister, I had EVERY Krokus record. They opened for John Butcher Axis & Def Leppard in my hometown. Never be embarrassed by any music choice you made in it's own time period. Listen, I was SO into Kiss (what 13 year old wasn't) that I couldn't see straight, and my wife never listened to them.

It was only when I tried to explain what was so great about 'em that I realized there wasn't much great about them...but I wasn't embarrassed. There's an entire army of kids born between 1965 & 1975 that really was into Kiss and for good reason.