Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Next time, I just open the door

Here at work, they have us stacked like cord wood in the cubes. There is zero privacy, so everyone lurks in the stairwells to use cell phones. Or, they head outside. I prefer outside for very private conversations, but weather can present an issue. About twice a day, I head outside to walk about the parking lot. On this mornings exit, there was some person pacing fast right outside the exit doors. He was having a very, VERY animated conversation in some foreign language. There were arms waving everywhere. I went for the right hand door. Nope, he was in front of it. I went for the left door, nope he was there. I pause 1.3 seconds in hope that this ping-pong person, and I would be out-of-step and I could exit. Nope, he’s to fast for me. I finally just pop the door open an inch. He screeches to a dead halt and then GLARES at me. He then went back to yelling and waving. I guess it was the new iPhonepodcamTVtoothbrushcombtissue model and the other person must have been able to see all the gesturing.

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