Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What you can find on the intermess, I mean Internet. I have an old (1983??) Cat Eye Solar CC-2000 bicyling computer. It fits on the bike and records MPH, wheel speed, pedaling speed, odometer, all sorts of things. Well, I got it working with new batteries and sitting in the sun for a day. Mind you, this was after it sat on the bike for 20 YEARS gathering dust. Well, it was recording in Kilometers and not miles. So I searched my records for the instruction manual and can't find it. Somehow in the last 20 years, I must have misplaced that. Most unlike me. Anyway, I get on this here intermess and find the instruction manual! I follow the steps and reprogram it for Miles, wheel size (27 inches). What fun! I'll try it out this weekend.

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