Saturday, May 31, 2008

My amazing wax job

So we have the new car. I washed it today. I do that. I hand wash our cars, and that monster F250 Super Duty. People find out that our 10 year old truck, is ten years old and are amazed. One of the first questions is always "When did you get it repainted?". They are then astonished when they find out, it's still the factory (just look at the stone chips on the leading edge of the hood). Anyway, factory paint still on it. I then washed the truck, the daughters Corolla. I decided to wax the new car, as it was built a year ago and has been in service at the dealership for six months. I start using my normal wax, which is great stuff and usually does a great job getting off the gunk. Except after I got the roof of the new car waxed, it still felt "gritty". I know what that is. Pollution, and other environmental fall out sticking to it. I get out the Meguire's clay bar and go to work on all the top surfaces.
Then, wax that car down. It's as smooth as a baby's bottom now. And my arms are tired....

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