Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Danger Will Robinson!

Sometimes, it really is Monday. My Monday started at 4:14 AM. Yes, AM. Work called up with a production problem. By 4:20, I had it figured out and started issuing a command to speed the data recovery up. By 4:25 AM, I have the recovery job submitted. By 4:45 AM, the job has done…………nothing. Zip. It’s asleep, which is what I should be doing. I call operations back and tell them to watch it and when done, they can kick something and they would be back on track. I head off to bed, but don’t sleep much before DING! 6 AM and time to get up! I hit snooze at least twice. Until operations calls again, tells me why my job was asleep when I should have been, why it now failed and could I please try and fix it again. OK, up and off to work.

So I arrive at work about 7:30. I work on the second floor. You have to flash your badge at the security reader and listen for the KLunKK, which means the door magnet has released and you can enter. I hook it in and the first floor double doors sense my barely awake presence and open the doors for me. See we have these automatic door openers. Except I just turn and head up the stairs where the second set of automatic doors await me. Except either I’ve fallen asleep walking up the stairs, or the door sensor is asleep. In my groggy state I’m trucking along while my brain is trying to cope with the un-normal act that the doors are NOT opening. DANGER WILL ROBINSON!! DANGER!!! I get about one foot in front of the outward swinging doors, which are not opening, before I get my body stopped and try and comprehend just what action to take. Should I write some code? Should I stop and start a rescue fire? Should I call the mother-ship? Wait, I remember. Reach out, grab the handle and open the door! Yeah, that works.

So a while later, after tea, water, coffee, and my brain informs me that it is time to return the rental deposit on all the fluid intakes. Remember we also have Open Sesame doors on the restrooms, but you have to wave your hand at it. So I head over to the men’s room which also takes you close enough to the magic doors that they always sense you and open. They don’t open. Must be still busted.

So on the way out of the men’s room I wave at the towel dispenser, which does work. I wave at the Open Sesame deal, which also fails to work. I’m thinking that my entire electro-mechanical field is in serious trouble, except NONE of the magic doors seem to be working.

It was after lunch before Robbie-the-Robot got the doors all working again.

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