Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Prom-Mobile is no longer with us

Goodbye to a faithful family member. Yes, the Prom-Mobile is no longer part of the family. I think we voted it off.
It was truly on it's last wheel. One tire, will wear off the edge every 15,000 miles. It was leaking and burning a quart of oil a month. There is no clue where the oil in the supercharger was going. I don't think the supercharger was working anyway. The carpet had a lot of burgers and fries in it, the cup holders in the back were full of chewed up Dubble Bubble.
I went shopping at the closed up car lots. I found a few cars and priced out the new one's that the wife would like. Mostly, she was focused on CHEAP to fuel. We got on the CarMax site and found some good prices on used cars. CarMax has a great site, very fast, up to date, good prices. While my truck got new shoes put on it, and I worked on trying to get the Prom-Mobile safe to drive one last time, the wife got on the phone to a very large Toyota dealership. She listened to their normal "come on down little lady" BS. But then she got on the Internet and browsed their used cars. She called me over. I couldn't believe what this Toyota dealer had on the used car showroom floor!

Wife would be super styling in that bad-boy! I could play "Bond, James Bond" while picking up Burger Street! Yousa! Wrap that car up!
They'd totally messed up the pricing and had it listed at $16994 when they meant $19994. See, the car had only been in service since September 2007 and had been a "loaner car to our special customers". It only had 4073 miles on it! It still has that new-car smell (the second most expensive smell known to man). It would get great gas mileage also.
So, we do the deal. The used car manager is not happy, but he has to do the deal, as it was on the Internet at that price. Hey, he'd screwed up! So they appraise our Prom-Mobile at $300. Yes, $300 dollars. We think that is sort of funny. So does our car salesman, as he knows we are getting the deal of the month on the used car.
We finally get the paperwork signed, or most of it. We'd not brought the title to the Prom-Mobile.
That bad boy is in the garage now!

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