Monday, May 5, 2008

Public Introduction to the PROM-mobile

We survived our daughter's first high school prom. I'm not sure she did.
So most everyone knows that the Pope has a Pope-Mobile. The bullet proof, mostly glass car he gets driven around in. We have a 1995 Toyota Previa mini-van. We bought it when the daughter in high school was about four and her sister was one. So there are still odors coming out from those back seats that were left over happy meals, there are balls of bubble gum stuck in all the ash-trays and cup holders. There are stains in the carpet......I just don't want to know. In it's day, the Previa was a stormer. It has the supercharger on the motor and could burn rubber. After being trashed by the kids, well it isn't pretty.
When now-junior daughter started asking about driving a car, I told her that we should probably buy her mom a newer car and she could take over the Previa. I didn't know a kid's eyes could pop out of their heads that fast! After a few more discussions about cars, I named the Previa the Prom-Mobile. This did NOT go over at all well. I stuck to my guns. The Previa seats seven, so does a limo. It is easy to park, a limo isn't. It doesn't require a hired driver. The van has lots of chips in the paint. It has some small hail damage. The paint on the roof is flaking off. The supercharger drinks oil like a drunken sailor. There are a number of oil leaks, all have been fixed at least once, and continue to leak. The seats are ripped. The plastic wheel covers are cracking from UV, they are scratched from hitting curbs. One is even missing for that "white kids from the ghetto" look.

I guess I shouldn't complain much. That Previa has over 200,000 miles on it now.

I lost. She got a 1999 Corolla.

And a few photo's from the prom. Six kids went in the limo. Eight came back and played Apples to Apples, and watched Blazing Saddles until 5 AM. Daughter and her date. Both looked stunning. All the kids did.

And the "secret agent" spy photos.

And loading up the limo, on a dead end street (limo driver used the drive ways to turn around and then backed down the street)

And the kids having fun.

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Schweers' Mom said...

Great pics! Your daughter is beautiful. =-) Looks like they had a great time.

But I think it would have been worth the price of admission to see the limo driver turning around. Dang.