Monday, May 12, 2008

Imelda Marcos, eat your heart out

Imelda Marcos was the wife of the leader of the Philippines. When he died, she took over. She had a "thing" for shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.

I don’t like to shop for clothes. Shopping for car parts, drum parts and some electronics is OK by me. I will occasionally spend a fair amount of time shopping for something. Some years back, I decided I needed some better walking shoes and shoes that could double up and be used in Orienteering also.

I went to a sporting goods store and shopped for about an hour before I found some great feeling shoes. The first set I purchased, I wore the fabric off the heal cup in the shoe. The second set of the same shoe, I purchased some Dr. Scholl’s Mole-Foam product and would cut that to fit in the heal cup of the shoe. This works just great. I wear out the mole-foam about the same time I wear out the soles in the shoes.

Now you need to know that I walk about five miles a night. That is about thirty miles a week, or about 780 miles in six months time. So every six months I go buy new shoes for walking. This past weekend was the REI anniversary sale. That is where I buy my shoes at. It is one store that I actually like to walk around in. I get the shoes and hiking socks and silk sock liners. So I had a 20 percent off coupon that would expire on Sunday, I needed shoes and socks. I always hit their back room, which has close outs. I found a nice sports shirt I can wear orienteering, walking, even bike riding. I went down and checked on a new seat for my bike, but decided to wait on that. The store was doing a great business but was also checking people out fairly fast.

When I got home, I cut new mole-foam for the shoes and put them on. AHHH…new sport shoes feel just great.

I use my old worn out shoes, for knocking about the house, for mowing the lawn, washing cars and such. I decided to gather up all my old shoes and make a pile. It would have made Imelda Marcos proud. And this isn't even all of them! I've tossed out about two sets after I wore them completely out.

And for your viewing pleasure, I took a shot of the tread on a new shoe and an old. If you look close you can see a small white dot on the one heal. That is the tread worn completely off!

My shoes have no sole left. Or is that SOUL!!!

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