Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dude, drink some water...

This happened one day last week at work, but I was too busy to blog.

I've dealt some with the paper towels being flushed, the hand washing rituals, the automated towel, soap, water dispensers and door openers. And that about fifty percent of our building, probably have only seen indoor plumbing since arriving to our country. I head in there one day and every urinal is taken and all the stalls are also in use. Must have been a rush on! I pause for a moment and one person finishes up. I pause one more moment, to allow the automated flusher to figure out that he's left and it is time to flush. Except I'm not waiting long. Meanwhile, the dude heads out the door. No hand washing for him! I walk up just about the time the flusher starts up. I glance down and WHAT! This guys urine was freaking ORANGE! I don't mean a little, I mean dark orange. Like this guy hasn't drunk any water in three days. About that time, I catch a whiff of the flusher trying to dilute this piss. WHOA!!! I now know what it must smell like to work for the waste water plant! This stuff was rank. I try to hold my breath, but this is a Catch-22. The longer I try and hold my breath from this stench, the more I'm going to have to gasp! Thankfully, the guy next to me walked away and I could turn my head and grab a breath. Unfortunately, it still reeked of this guy.
Dude, the water is free. You can even melt some ice with it.

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