Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cannibals in suburbia

I saw a strange site last Friday afternoon. I was heading home from work and had made a few stops on the way home. I wasn’t on my normal route. I was heading down a neighborhood road, but a major one. Four lanes, two in each direction. I’m stopped at a traffic light and a nice black Mercedes-Benz rolls up in the left lane and stops. They are one car ahead of me. With nothing better to do while waiting for the light to change, I glance over at the rear window of the Benz. In large letters it reads:

And a phone number.

Notice that it doesn’t list this as a web site, as in www.delicious_european_foods.com or something. No, just Delicious European. My mind goes into twisted hyper-drive all the way home.

Was this some new fad? Cannibals using only the finest European’s their money could buy, for a dinner party? They have this over in the Pac-Rim.

Was this some Cannibal group meeting notice? For those not local to the Dallas Texas area, there has been a “swingers” club prominent in the news lately. Perhaps some cannibal group has decided to advertise.

Why wasn’t there a Cannibal logo?

Was this selling some actual FOOD from Europe? Sheep brains in plumb sauce? Maybe Cannibals Soup?

Was this some escort service touting European “escorts”?

It's been four days since I spotted the car and the logo. All I've come up with is

"Cannibals in Suburbia", would make a dang fine name for the band I'm in.

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