Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 11.5 of Physical Therapy

I've started to lose track of how many PT's I've been in. Today was work, fun, funny, and a pain. I got to start walking uphill, backward, on the treadmill. That is fun. I also got a PT trainee to help me out. She actually tried some of the "Swiss ball" exercises with me.
After about thirty minutes, I got moved over to the table. The torture one. Maybe they all are. Next to me, was this older guy. He's very funny, but was in pain today. He'd done some stretches and gone straight to electro-shock. On the other side of him, was a new guy, also with back issues. The main PT guy was doing a juggling act, trying to keep some of us busy, and take down new information from new guy. It was busy there today, with about six or seven of us. There are usually only about four or five people.
The main PT guy went over to show someone something, and the older guy asked the new guy "how are you?". New guy said "pretty good". Old guy fired right back "well you won't be saying that after they finish with you here". We all started laughing. New guys eye's got big. Main PT guy was even laughing.

So main PT guy mentions that I should attempt "the plank", see the opening photo (not me). I only held it for about 40 seconds and got a sharp pain in my lower back. They had me do about two more stretches, and then I FINALLY got a back massage! Main PT put me on my back and squirted something on me and went to work on my lower back. All while he was instructing other people. I felt a small marble in my back, and by the time he finished, it was GONE!

Next, he hooked up the electrodes and we went from a back massage to electro-shock and ice packs.

I mentioned it to the new guy, that you get electro-shock. He chuckled. Old guy said "yeah, they crank that up till you jump like a frog on a frying pan".

New guys eyes got big.

I hope he goes back. They really have helped.

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