Monday, October 20, 2008

Friday Night High School band shows

I finally got to one of our local high school football games. It was held at the local stadium and there were concerns that it would sell out. We got there a bit early, so we could buy one ticket that we were short, but also so we could sit on the back row. Funny, we don't do that at church. Actually, we have been. That way, I can stand up and not block anyone's view, if my back gets to hurting. I stood for about half the football game.

They open up with the two schools sending out some cheerleaders to “exchange” gifts at center field. What is that all about? Later on, after the half time shows, half the cheer squads from each team, head over to the other side and again “exchange” items. I hate to point out, that I think the opening exchange was a drug exchange. The mid-way exchange, was probably exchanging either more drugs or phone numbers to “hook up later”.

The team had to play one of the powerhouse teams from the area. I expected a blow out. Surprisingly, it was a good game and was tied up with about a minute and a half left. Then, our team had to punt from deep in their own territory and the punt went more up than out. That gave the powerhouse team great field position and they were able to score the winning touch-down.

On to the half time band shows.

The schools no longer play music that is oriented to be played outside. They basically put on a mobile Broadway show. I was happy that they seem to have this show put together. In past years, we have been subjected to watching them march around while a “click track” blast over the Public Address (PA) system. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK, while they march in step and the audience runs for cover. I could make a fortune selling earplugs next to the concession stand. They have floats with people in them. They have about fifteen people playing marimbas, xylophones and such. None of which can be heard with no microphone or PA system support.

Our school put on a show in tribute to ancient gods. Zeus, Apollo, those folks. Except instead of having people show up in costumes like these gods, they had people in the same costume, but different colors. One guy in a marching costume, but yellow. One, orange, one green. They had all the colors of the rainbow out there at one time or another. Then it got weird. The drill team brought out some big sticks with fake grapes hanging from them. I commented to the wife “A tribute to winos?” Maybe a Tribute to Boone's Farm Wine

Meanwhile, my mind drifted off to the Fruit of the Loom guys.

After they finished the segment of a tribute to Boone’s Farm Wine, they brought out some S shaped phallic symbols and the guys in the colored suits used them to catch and fling different members of the band into different positions. They could have name that "A Tribute to Human Pin-Balls". I lost track of what happened next. But they finished up late and had to push all the orchestral instruments past the football players and hurry up and move off all the Broadway props from the field.

The other schools band, put on a show in tribute to the ancient Inca’s. As the visiting team, they actually put their show on first. I looked up Inca costumes and they didn’t look anything like what the other band used.
Here is what they should have looked like.

And here is what they did look like.

I think there was a general mix-up. Their drill team wore what looked like ancient Greeks outfits. Maybe all those "Gift Exchanges" were actually exchanging band costumes.
Another fine learning possibility, wasted.
They only thing they missed were the Inca Human Sacrifice.

Actually, both schools bands and football teams did well.