Friday, October 31, 2008

Stonehenge Junior

Our fair city has built a great walking, running, biking and exercise trail system. They are still working on it. The newest section that I use, can take me on a five mile walk. Part of the trail I use, takes me right past the city hall, along a main road. The new fire station is across the street. About a month ago, some landscape material showed up and they began work. At first it looked like just flower beds, new bushes, and maybe some trees were going in. But then the Bob-Cat showed up and they started really letting the dirt fly. And then some underground wiring showed up. And then some more large rocks showed up. The city trail, at major trail heads, has some landscaping, some large rocks with “City Trail” carved in them, sprinkler systems and such. So when the rocks and wires showed up, I just figured they were doing the same. But then they placed the rocks in a semi-circle. Like a tribute to Stonehenge.

Looking at the city web site, it will eventually become a tribute to the city veterans.


Schweers' Mom said...

That's funny...I commented the same thing when Craig and I drove by recently.

Schweers' Mom said...

Hey Ray - Radio Shack carries refurbed phones. You just have to take what they have which is limited. They didn't have Reagan's model at the RS on 407, but the Irving store had it and they transfered it in. I don't know if they would ordinarily do that or not. They are cheaper than the new phones and we've never had trouble with them before this one.