Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tattoos, bullets, Grillz, pierces, and Cowboy Jerseys

Yes, we finally made it to the Great State Fair of Texas. On the last day of this years fair. The drive in was uneventful, unlike last years, which was a trip. Last year we went on Columbus Day, which was when most of the schools in the Dallas Fort Worth area got out and handed the kids free tickets to the fair. On top of that, the Jonas Brothers were playing a concert. It was an explosion of every 13 year old girl from the surrounding states. Last year, we were in downtown Dallas at 9 AM. About 10:30, we’d moved the three miles and gotten parked.
This year, downtown at 9, parked at 9:30. We got out of the car and our daughter’s friend picked something up off the parking lot and said “what is this?” It looked like a spent bullet to us, but what do we know. Understand, Fair Park, is centered in “the hood”. The next day, wife took the bit of metal into her work, where a coworker who is a gun collector, took one look at it from five feet away and said “That’s a spent 45. The bullet of choice in Fair Park”.

We were standing outside the art building, where our oldest daughter’s first place painting was on display, ten minutes before they opened. We used the time to sit in those chairs with the massagers rubbing our backs. You know the one. It feels like two billiard balls being smashed into your back.

We got to see:
Our daughters painting.
Butter sculptured into King Tut’s tomb.
Shoe art.
Massage chairs.
Wonder towels ( I needed to pee and almost asked him if he’d demo….)
Wood art sculptures
Sewing machines
Sand art
Salt Water taffies being made
Cars, Cars and more cars.
Trucks, trucks and more trucks
An amusing robot by Ford, that took questions. He informed the 75 percent of the audience in Cowboy Football Jerseys, that the Boys were getting kicked around and loosing.
The Women’s building (always good for cooling off)
Clifford the big red dog.
The Daughters of the American Revolution house.
The Killdares, a band we first found at the fair
Cooking with Honey.

Free Ice cream cones.
Fletchers World famous corny dogs (twice)
The kids rode some rides.
The Birds of the Wild show
Sweet Potato Pie
Loaded cinnamon rolls

We also got to see people with pierces in every part of the body viewable while the police were around.

We got to see people with every sort of tattoo. Even some gang tats.

We got to see a few people will Grilz’s that would blind you.

And a literal sea of Dallas Cowboy Jerseys. By 2 PM, it was White and Blue jerseys as far as the eye could see. I think 75 percent of the attendees, were in jerseys.

We didn’t partake of:
The dog show
The pig races
The domino show
Chicken fried Bacon.
Fried banana split
Fried grilled cheese sandwich
Texas Fried Jelly Belly Beans
Deep Fried S’mores
Fried Chocolate Truffles
Fried Pop Rocks Fundae Blast
Fried Dinner Roll
Fried Cake on a Stick
Green Bean Fries
“Jalapeno” Deep Fried Gorditas
Fried Apple iPie
Fried Snowballs
Fried Honey Bun
Deep Fried Apple Bites
Mini Chicken Fried Steak Slider
Dessert Shooters
Ignited Moon Pie­
Beefy Fried Queso Bites
Crispy Fried Cantaloupe Pie

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