Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A job, but for how much longer.......

Two weeks ago, I returned home from physical therapy and clicked on the noon news. One of the stories involved lay-offs at my current job. I say job, as I am a technical contractor at the present company. I've tried to convert to employee, but that hasn't happened and probably never will. I was interested in the number of lay-offs, but also clued in to that the report was for only a division of the parent company, not all of us. The next day, I read the paper and saw that the number corporate wide, was several thousand, not the hundred reported locally. When I got in that day, I discussed it with my supervisor and he'd heard a 50's something number for our location. He had some names, entire projects in fact. What would they do for support of those business applications? Lay off the on site workers, hire in some on-shore Visa holders and hire the rest off-shore.
A week later some of the teams that I support, got called in and introduced to their replacements. What a way to get laid-off!
They are currently meeting daily and the reports from the existing workers is not good. These new contractors, barely have any skills that are needed to support the business applications. The existing contractors are looking for jobs and will walk out as soon as they find them, not waiting until the drop-dead date, which is about two months away. The long-time employees, are either going to retire, or look for work and start either in two months, or as soon after that as they can.

One employee noted "they will out-source and off-shore us, until the entire technical department is gone". Several thousand workers across the company.

I suspect within a year, my position will be off-shored also.

And now for an uplifting story!

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