Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leather straps and balls.....

They have me going to PT twice a week right now. It HAS helped. The Tuesday visit, was me on a heating pad. Then, a lot of different stretches. It included Bio-Feedback. I was laying on this little balloon, holding this gauge. As I went through each stretch or exercise, I had to flatten my back enough so the gauge read "40". At rest, I had to keep it on "20". The more I did the exercises, the better I got at it. When done, I got 10 minutes of ice-pack and sent on.
Today, was no heating pad (boo). But the main PT guy, did about 10 minutes of stretches on my leg. While he was doing that, I was talking with him about my walking sessions, exercises and stretches. After he finished with the right leg, then he told me to do the same, myself, on the left leg! Guess I should have been paying attention. Then, we moved on to all sorts of different exercises. Some involved balls. Some involved leather straps. Well, not leather, they were like moving trucks tie down straps. I got to push against them.
After it was mostly done, I started getting a cramp in my left hip. He had me lay on my stomach and lift BOTH legs at the same time. It was hard, and I couldn't do that many. But when done, the cramp was almost gone.
Then, he got out the electro-shock gizmo and I got shocked for 10 minutes while freezing the old back again.

Oh, and the bills are rolling in. The MRI was about $4000.00. PT is something like $300 a session.....

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Schweers' Mom said...

Hopefully there's some insurance to help alleviate the pain of the bills...yikes.