Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You get what you pay for, I think

Well, yesterday I completed my fifth physical therapy (PT) session. Each one, has been different. Yesterdays was going along smashingly. Some of the exercises and stretches, were now familiar to me. About an hour into it, I knew we were winding down. Then they had one more exercise for me to try. Try being a key word. They had me on my stomach, with my toes pointed straight down into the table. I had my arms on my forearms. They then told me, when I was ready, to push myself up to form a "bridge" on my forearms and toes. Oh, and to hold it for ONE minute! They set the timer when I pushed up. About 30 seconds into it, my back was wavering, my legs were shaking, my toes were screaming. I held it for the full minute and collapsed in agony. The PT guys asked if I'd held it the full minute and they were happy that I had. So happy, they they looked at each other and then said "lets try it again!". Um, guys, all you did was SET THE FREAKING ALARM CLOCK!!! I tried again, but collapsed at 30 seconds. I got a few breaths in and pushed back up for the last 20 seconds. They decided that was sufficient self-inflicted torture. It was their turn. So they got out the ice pack and the electro-shock and proceeded to shock my back and freeze it for the next ten minutes.

Meanwhile, the guy on the next table got his full neck massage. Complete with hot oil and all.
I think he must be paying for the deluxe treatments......

I had a sore back. I still do.

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