Tuesday, July 15, 2008

22 inch rims on a Caprice

I didn't have my camera the other day and wished I did. But, getting a photograph would have been difficult, as I was in traffic. What I spotted was an older Chevy Caprice with the gansta' 22 inch rims on them. I don't know about this. Back in my day, we'd never customize a four door car. But, seems common now. Well, this Caprice was about 10 years old, had some dents, rust, lots of primer, and these 22 inch rims with the tires that look to be rubber bands. All rims. Like somewhere in Oz, a train is missing a set of wheels. Except this car was listing, and listing like a drunken sailor. Down in the front passenger side and down bad. And driving about 18 miles per hour, which was probably a good sign. Then, he went through the intersection and I saw why he was "down in front". Seems one of the tires had gone flat. At least he had the sense to get out and change it. Except all he had for a spare was one of those emergency spares!

That was two days ago and I'm still chuckling at the thought.

But while searching for a representative photo of "spare tire", I found this.....scary.....

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