Monday, July 28, 2008

Is it hot enough for ya’ll?

It’s gotten hot in north Texas. Real hot. No end in sight either. The Dolly hurricane hit south Texas, and then traveled clockwise right around this big high pressure system centered over my yard. Dolly is now heading back across New Mexico and then will go rain some over Oklahoma. We’ve had highs over 100 for about 4 days now. Set one record, so far. So on Sunday, I was fortunate enough to be asked to play drums at church. But while sitting there between services, I got to thinking that I’d put one of our Mustangs inside the enclosed trailer, about a month back. See the photo? When there was moisture in the form of HAIL in the air. In my shop, the air temperature is usually in the middle 80’s. Usually it is 10 to 20 degrees cooler in the shop than the air temperature. Except in the winter, when it rarely drops into the 40s in the shop. But I got to thinking about that car sitting in that hot-box trailer. On Friday, when I got in my truck at 4 PM, the temp in the cab was 140 degrees and the windows were cracked open. I figured that Mustang was baking at about 150 to 160 degrees. So after church, I got some lunch and then went about hooking up the truck to the trailer. Then, pulling the trailer forward enough so I could open the rear door and drive the car out. Except by 1 PM, it was already about 98 degrees outside and about 140 in that trailer. All the gasoline had long ago evaporated out of the carburetor, so it took a few minutes to get the car started and backed out of the trailer. I then left the car running, but moved the truck and trailer over so I could drive the car. It hasn’t been driven in at least a month and they do better when driven for 20 minutes once a month. So, in 98 degrees, I head out on a 30 minute drive in a 1969 car with no functional air conditioning. That car’s AC hasn’t worked since about 1979! I get back pretty sweat soaked and drive the car into the shop. I hook it up on a battery trickle charger, but it seemed the battery needed more “juice”, so I hooked it up to a regular charger. I checked the tires and the automatic transmission fluid, which has been leaking since 1971. It needs half a quart, but I won’t add that until the next drive. What happens is the torque converter slowly drains its fluid back into the pan as the car sits. If you drive it every day, this doesn’t happen. Once the fluid drains back, it then over fills the pan, which leaks fluid out a side seal on the transmission case. So, you add fluid the next time before you go for a drive. You will know it needs fluid, as the shifts are slow to engage, due to the low fluid.
So I then go about backing the enclosed trailer over, as I needed to leave a slot open because another friend has had our flat bed trailer and when they bring it back, they need to be able to back it right into it’s “hole”. By the time I finish this up, it is about 2 PM and over 100 degrees. I headed in to collapse in the AC.
By 5 PM, it was 105 degrees. Today, we get a break! It's only supposed to be 102!

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