Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello Dolly!

There is a minimal hurricane approaching the south Texas coast. Minimal? Are any hurricane’s all that minimal? The people of the coast are experienced at boarding up their homes. We vacation on the beach every year and arrived back in June of 2003, to find the Weather Channel van, parked in our parking spot at the hotel. The first day, the water was quite calm and we had a good afternoon and evening in the gulf. The following morning, hurricane Claudette was approaching. The surf was crashing and heading up to the concrete sea wall there. Our oldest daughter and I went out body surfing and boogie boarding. It was hard to fight out against the waves, but what a ride! Our youngest, tired quickly and retreated to the pool. By 9 AM, we were worn out and got out. About 10 AM, the sheriff and the Corpus Christi beach patrol, had deployed and closed all the beaches. The Weather Channel people were televising live updates from the sea wall. We joined everyone else in leaving the island and headed inland.

So last night we are watching the 10 PM news and they are starting to report that the south Texas coast will experience some hurricane surf and winds. I mention “Let’s all go surfing!!” The wife shoots me one of “those” looks. But the youngest, who is now thirteen, says “YEAH. Great waves! So we die! I’d be very happy in heaven”.

I hope the people in the path, stay safe.

And that photo of the weather channel van, was us “phooning

Some other photo’s of us doing the phoon.

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