Thursday, July 10, 2008

Goodbye old landmark

We’ve lived in our house for 22 years. We back up to some city property and one of the original water storage facilities for the town. It was the first water tower in town. And according to our neighbor, was supposed to have been a ground level storage tank.

Well, the city has had to build several new water towers and they have wisely placed them on city property along a rail road line in the city. That rendered the old tower in our back yard, obsolete. The city property also had the fire department and police, both of which moved to the new city hall and city fire building, which just opened. Because of all these changes, the old city property will be reconfigured to be a senior center and also a brand new city utility and works building. But first, they had to remove the water tower! Looks like it will be removed start to finish, in two days!

We used to tell people to watch for the water tower as they navigated to our home. I would tell them, "aim for it. From our back yard, you can throw a rock and hit it". Looks like we won't be able to tell them that anymore. We are sad, but happy in that our home sell appeal, just went up.