Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Really big and exciting entertainment news in North Texas!!

There was some news last night that a lot of people deemed newsworthy. It seems the Hanson Brothers are moving into the Dallas-Fort Worth area! Or, as it is termed around here, DFW, or MetroMess, or Dal-Lus/Furt Wort. I’m sorry, but I really didn’t follow the story too close. In my excitement, I got all distracted and swept the kitchen floor. I thought the one movie the Hanson Brothers were in, Slap Shot, was an amusing little flick. I still laugh thinking about how they started a fight while just skating for warm up before the hockey game. And then stood there listening to the Star Spangled Banner, bleeding. The referee is so upset; he skated over during the song to continue chewing them out for the fight. One of the Hanson’s then yells right back “I’M TRYING TO LISTEN TO THE SONG!” (And not bleed too much). So why is the media making such a big deal of the Hanson’s moving to some gated community here in DFW? The movie is 31 years old, and on IMDB.COM, none of the Hanson’s continued in movies.

Wait. I just looked at the local news. It seems the JONAS Brothers, not the Hanson’s, could possibly move into some gated community. Changes my life!!! It really does. See last fall, we were making our way into the State Fair of Texas. We have a back route into the grounds, but we found that even all backed up. Then, our thirteen year old made mention that the boy-band Jonas Brothers were playing a free concert at 2 PM! Our youngest is in their target audience. They tried to get near the stage about 1 PM. By 2:45, they’d been: 1)Crushed. 2) Had drinks spilled on them. 3) Been shoved out of the way by parents so their kid could get to 212 feet to the stage instead of 214 feet. 4) Watched as the poor EMT’s tried to get in and help a sick or hurt person. 5) Given away their water to a poor girl about to pass out from the heat and crush. 6) Given up and exited to a nice, cool, quiet building and called us to meet.

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Schweers' Mom said...

My comment to Craig was how is this FRONT PAGE news in the DMN?? Oh puhleese!

The only interesting thing about these boys is that the younger of the 3 is diabetic (he's also the drummer I think). I have heard them interviewed and they do seem like nice kids - very down-to-earth.