Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh my aching back

I’ve had a bad lower back since about 1978. I was young and foolish when I first hurt it. I’m careful about it and we have a Sleep Number bed, which is great. During our vacation, I was waking up every day with a back ache. It wasn’t a very good bed for our backs, as the wife also had back issues. Well, we’ve been back a week now and I’ve still got a back ache! I’ve been on a prescription pain medicine during the days, and take a muscle relaxer and some Tylenol PM at bed time. Walking is a great thing for the bad back, so the last three days over the July 4 holiday, I’ve done five miles each day. I’ve decided that every hour at work, I need to spend five minutes and walk to the other end of the building.


Schweers' Mom said...

FIVE MILES? I'm in awe. I've thought a lot about exercise, but when I do I sit down and nap till the feeling passes....yikes.

Ray Janes said...

Yes. 5.4 miles actaully. We live over by the old fire station / Water tower in HV. I hit the city trail and go to 2499 and back. In about 1 hour 20 to 30 minutes. Didn't walk Monday due to music jam night. It RAINED last night! I'm depressed now, as I didn't get to go. I started walking about 3 years back and built up to the distance.
I think I can hear your kids jamming on some nights. Around the soccer fields / creek just before 2499.
Chocolate helps those feelings of exercise, pass.