Thursday, July 17, 2008

Black Canary Barbie

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “into” Barbie’s and all things about Barbie, but this one made the local news. Black Canary happens to be a DC comic super hero. A scantily clad one at that. Seems the people at Mattel decided to have a Barbie Loves Pop culture collection, and Black Canary Barbie is on the list. Along with the Addams family, the Wonder Woman Barbie, the 30TH anniversary Star Trek Giftset. The list is almost endless. The web site for colleting Barbie is fascinating. I “get it” why people are a bit upset with Black Canary, but they must have skipped over “Cabaret Barbie with RED hair”.

How about Pirate Barbie?

That lends itself to some imagination.

How about the “French Maid” doll?


Sort of sad to see some of the Barbie’s discounting their services.

So, people are all upset about Fishnet & Leather, S&M, Biker Chic Barbie. Please alert me when we get Crack Whore Barbie, Pole-dancing Barbie, the Naughty Nurse, Cat Woman……….

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